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Named for Digistar User and former E&S employee, Jim Hashimoto, the Jim Hashimoto Award recognizes outstanding, long-term service and dedication to the Digistar Users Group. It is given to an individual whose work and presence, like Jim’s, has been an inspiration to DUG and its members. Nominees must demonstrate a substantial effect in the profession and should exhibit qualities of inspiration, vision, and a passion for the Digistar community.

Hashimoto Award Winners

2010 - Jim HashimotoMarkus Schack with 2023 Hashimoto Award
2011 - Gary Senn
2012 - Kevin Scott
2013 - Jason Heaton
2014 - Amy Barraclough
2015 - Rainer Christiansen
2016 - Karen Klamczynski
2017 - Justin Bartel
2018 - Marc Horat
2019 - Mike George
2020 - John French
2021 - Rick Greenawald
2022 - Jacob Galloway
2023 - Markus Schack

About Jim Hashimoto
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